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Current ZoneX team

And Alpha/Beta tester team

Slikkah : Project leader, main game developer, coding, modeling, legal inquiries.

Dr Jon : Game Development, coding, main test & bug support, project input.

Mr.Kingpin : Game input, Discord developer, head community support, junior developer, project input.

Sepi ( Koi ) : Game input, NA region support, allround project advice & input, community support.

Mdarude : Game input, community support, project input, web development.

P.Wisnia : Web development, Community manager, forum manager & API creator.

Alpha / Beta testing team :

Besides our own experience ( thousands of hours in many survival games ) we can also count on a few oldschool JS and Rust players.
These are respected people who had leading roles in bigger clans at high pop servers, their input will be golden.

We can not mention any nicknames of these testers for the sake of discussions about who can test and who can't and why
or the possible many DM's those people would receive when being named.
We made this choise from our own experience knowing these people or backed up through the community and forum lead roles.

Our team of development and testers will grow in the future, development will speed up becasue of this.
As u can notice, the team is pretty small ( which can be a good thing communication wise ), we intend to share or split development
overtime when it seems possible, atm we are developing the foundation for the game which will take quite a while.


Current progress on the game

ZoneX Landscape 8x8km(64²Km) created:Done

Day & night system with procedural fog:Done

Main screen/ingame menu/controlsIn progress

Custom Playermodel :In progress

Creating basic playability :In progress

Creating "Hospital" Flora ( Foliage )In progress

The Hospital area ( outside ) : Done

The Hospital area ( inside ) : In progress

Driving vehicle system :In progress

The Army Base area : In progress

Looking into basic network play :In progress

Main zones creation :In progress

Main roads creation :In progress

Adding remaining water types :0%

Looking into enhanced playabilty :0%

Looking into basic AI & interaction :0%

Updating UI :0%

Enhancing UI & inventory system :0%

Loot type management :0%

Loot distribution system :0%

Weapon system :0%

Weather system :Done

Vehicle creation :0%

Finetune vehicle handling :0%

Crafting system :0%

Building system :0%

Farming system :0%

Raiding system :0%

More advanced multiplayer options :0%

Add life (might be shifted before multiplayer):0%

Add situation volumes(quests, assignments):0%

Looking into Storyline(virus origin,etc):0%

Looking into custom skin options :0%

Website - ZoneX.ComDone

Api - ZoneX.ComDone

( Updated : 01/12/2020 )


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